“She’s Going to Tokyo” is a digital campaign that I was fully involved in at Butter Studio. I worked closely with the art director on research, concept, visual experiments, animation, and production. The visuals express Butter Studio’s interviews with ten female Olympians, conducted at the start of the pandemic.

In April and May 2020, we interviewed 10 female Olympians (from many different sports and countries) who were planning to compete in the 2020 Tokyo Summer Games. The interviews focused on what we call the “Seven Senses,” sight, smell, taste, touch, sound, mind, and body. We wanted to know what the overlooked details of their day-to-day are, the little things that bring them joy, and their ways of finding solace in the minutia.
She's Going to Tokyo
Digital Campaign / Editorial

Agency: Butter Studio
Role: Designer
Year: 2020

Agency: Butter Studio
Creative Director: Cari Sekendur
Designer: Bao Hu, Mi Chen, Cari Sekendur
Animation: Bao Hu, Mi Chen
Project Manager: Nida Pellizer

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