Move the body. Move the mind. MOVE Cold Spring is more than just a fitness destination; it's a vibrant hub that unites the Cold Spring community, ignites curiosity, celebrates talents, fosters education, and inspires creativity while having a blast.

The rebrand aims to bring an active and dynamic look and feel to the MOVE Cold Spring. At its core, it champions the spirit of bold movement and embraces the active lifestyles of its community members, inviting them to contribute their unique energies and expressions.

Key elements of the new brand identity include a rich and vibrant color palette, striking color combinations, bold typography, and playful and dynamic shapes. Together, these elements embody the essence of MOVE Cold Spring's vibrant and inclusive community.


MOVE Cold Spring Rebrand
Visual Identity / Motion

Agency: Team Design Studio
Role: Designer
Year: 2023


Agency: Team Design Studio
Creative Director: Amy Globus, John Clark
Designer: Bao Hu, Stephanie Zabala, Mark Wolfe
Year: 2023

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