Empower is an international nonprofit that supports, connects, and empowers children and young adults who have experienced the loss of a parent. It is more than just mentorship — the sense of community and meaningful personal touches can be magical.

We’ve bottled the magic, the secret ingredients of passion, care, energy, and camaraderie that bring Empower’s vision to life. Framing devices and a bold, uplifting wordmark create a scalable system highlighting everyday magic moments.

I’ve worked with the Associate Director from research, concept, logo design, to developing design directions, and delivering design assets and logo animation.

Visual Identity / Motion

Agency: Team Design Studio
Role: Designer
Year: 2023


Agency: Team Design Studio
Creative Director: Amy Globus, John Clark
Designer: Bao Hu, Stephanie Zabala
UIUX: Ioan Butiu
Year: 2023

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