Drawing from my unique life experience as an identical twin, this Biodiagram explores the wonderful co-twin relationship. This project is based on data collected from texting exchanges between my twin and I. The two symmetrical and interweaving rings visualize our mutually influencing lives as Dualing Dialog.

In this visualization, each color signifies a category of our texting content, the yellow color implies a comforting chat, yet a section of the black represents a quarrel between us. While warmer colors indicate care, support, and subjective matters, cooler tones indicate the exchanges based on objective facts.

Selected texts from our chat sit on top of the colors and serve as records revealing the deep resonance and empathy twins share for each other. The Biodiagram also visualizes the invisible connections between two individuals. It is through dialogs we communicate, and it is through connections we exchange our humanity.

Dualing Dialog
Data Visualization / Typography

Dimensions: 12’’ x 17’’

©️ Hu Bao 2020