Baby-Led Weaning is the largest digital community dedicated to empowering parents and caregivers to give their babies a safe start to solid foods. Inspired by the unique forms of food, the flexible visual system uses a bold cut-out style to bring a playful sensory feeling to life.

Baby-Led Weaning’s new logo and typeface balance fun with trusted familiarity, while a deep color palette is based on the rich hues of nutrient-dense foods. The new identity encapsulates Baby-Led Weaning’s evidence-based, hands-on approach — establishing them as the go-to experts for families building healthy eating habits.

I collaborated with creative directors on the brand identity, covering concepts, logo design, and visual exploration. I developed a custom illustration library for the brand. Additionally, I worked on the UI/UX design for the website, managing tasks like wireframing, prototyping, and interaction design.

Baby-Led Weaning Rebrand
Visual Identity / UX/UI / Illustration

Agency: Team Design Studio
Role: Designer
Year: 2023


Agency: Team Design Studio
Creative Director: John Clark, Amy Goblus
Designer: Bao Hu, Stephanie Zabala
Illustrator: Bao Hu
UIUX: Ioan Butiu, Bao Hu
Year: 2023

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